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Taking our UK market strengths to the European energy networks

About Fairnet Consultancy

Fairnet Consultancy is the energy trading company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Fairnet Commercial Services and we aim to take our UK market strengths and link those into the European energy networks to deliver our ambitious growth strategy.

Fairnet Commercial Services is a forward-looking, innovative energy services company founded in 2006, with a focus on customer service and a record of over-delivery; our systems and processes make us extremely efficient, having identified the key steps in the energy wholesale and retail procurement process, eliminating unnecessary administration and reducing client costs.

Our advanced purchasing tools allow us to attract clients interested in moving forward from the traditional model of energy, delivering truly Next Generation energy procurement and risk management using our proprietary Reverse Auction platform and it is a natural step for us to take this approach and build on our experience and contacts to create profitable relationships in Continental Europe.

We hope to bring a flow of structured deals helping partners who are looking for market opportunities to satisfy trading requirements and in the long run bring creative solutions to the market.


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